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« Alana Bloom/ Will Graham » — lutecex


they are one of my notp tbh

send me a ship and i will rate it /10  how much i ship it


send me a ship and i will rate it /10  how much i ship it

Hannibal season 2 gag reel (x)


make me choose meme: heathledger asked Hannibal and Will or Hannibal and Alana

Caroline Dhavernas @ SDCC ‘14

“The Fannibals — fans from Hannibal — are so adamant about showing us their love and appreciation, and it’s really nice to finally meet them. I received a little Alana doll today, I mean…that’s never happened before, so I’m really grateful to be meeting them.”

« Hannibal is why I started following but once I did I realized how amazing and awesome you are like my dash is a better place because you are there! » — Anonymous

I don’t know what to say, OMFG. I’m not amazing and awesome, but thank you, baby <333 thank you so much for thinking this! And thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for what you wrote at the end!! :’)) Your messages have made me incredibly happy. Thank you so much to all of you for sending them! :’)

« I wish I could run a hannibal blog as cool as yours so I follow you in hopes to one day be as awesome as you boom there's the truth » — Anonymous

OMFG WHO ARE YOU ASDFGHJKSGHKL Thank you sooo much baby! I’M NOT awesome YOU’RE awesome! And i’m 10000000% sure that your blog is freaking great and better than mine! <33

tell me why u follow me on anon